H801B-510.2 Stainless Steel Manhole Cover

H801B-510.2 Stainless Steel Manhole Cover

Stainless Steel Manhole Cover H801B-510.2

◘Benefit and Features

  • Surface Treatment

Stainless Steel’s surface is treated by mirror polishing to make it more pleasing and longer performing.

  • With Lead Sealing

With the Lead Sealing Board, it can be sealed directly.

  • Opening Angle

The turn-hinge with the opening angle stop device, it can effectively prevent the crash which between the stainless steel manhole cover and tanker when the cover is opening.

  • Type Diversification

The nominal diameter, material and height can be ordered by user’s demand.

  • Structure Features

With insulation layer, for transporting the crystallizing medium, keep the temperature inside the tank.

Double flanges sealing, sealing gasket is placed in the bottom cover, with more reliable tightness.

◘Ordering Guide

  • The materials of manhole cover can be ordered in different according to user’s demand, such as aluminum alloy, carbon steel, stainless steel 304 ,stainless steel 316 .
  • The nominal diameter and base’s height can be ordered by user’s demand.
  • The Sealing gasket can be chosen according to user’s actual demand, different sealing gasket with different nominal pressure.

Attached List

Seal Material NBR FKM Silicone Rubber LKM
Temperature range -10℃~+50℃ -20℃~+120℃ -50℃~+120℃ -40℃~+140℃
Sealing Pressure 0.3MPa 0.3MPa 0.3MPa 0.3MPa
Seal Material Silicon Rubber Cover with PTFE PTFE Packing PTFE
Temperature range -70℃~+200℃ -100℃~+200℃ -100℃~+200℃
Sealing Pressure 0.1MPa 0.1MPa 0.1MPa